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Do you hide from cameras because an unsightly smile is making you self-conscious about your appearance? Are you passing over your favorite foods and sometimes skipping meals altogether because you find chewing to be uncomfortable, or even painful? Are sunken-in cheeks and wrinkles around your lips aging you prematurely? These are all the unfortunate effects of missing teeth.

It may not be obvious, but your teeth play an important role in a number of aspects of your life. Not having a full set of teeth damages the aesthetics of your smile, but it also puts your health at risk by weakening your ability to chew healthy foods. Missing teeth, especially the front ones, even make it more difficult for you to speak clearly. There is no doubt that having a healthy set of teeth is essential for a healthy and rewarding lifestyle, so if you lose some teeth to an accident, disease, or decay, your lifestyle will be compromised.

There is good news, though. Dr. Maloley and his dedicated staff at Vail Valley Dental Care in Avon, CO can restore your teeth and healthy lifestyle with dental implants. This restorative dental technique will give you a tooth replacement solution that closely mimics your natural teeth. Dental implants simulate the root of your tooth, something dentures and dental crowns alone don’t do. This means your tooth replacement will be stable and secure, fulling restoring your chewing power and beautiful smile.

How Do Dental Implants Work?
Dental implants are essentially small metal screws that are surgically placed into your jawbone. Typically, these screws are made from titanium, which is the most commonly used surgical metal because of its natural ability to create strong bonds with human bone. Once you have healed, and your implants have fully fused with your jawbone, you will have a strong new synthetic root to take the place of the natural root you lost.

When you have fully integrated dental implants, you have a variety of tooth replacement options to choose from. One of the most common uses for a dental implant is to act as an anchor for a porcelain crown to replace an individual tooth. However, implants can also be used to support a fixed bridge, and even a full set of dentures.

Whatever type of restorations you choose, your dental implants will ensure that they are held in place securely, and that they have the stability necessary for you to eat the foods you want.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?
Even though dental implants are very effective restorative devices, they may not be for everyone. One thing to consider is that for dental implants to work, you have to have healthy gums and enough bone density in your jaw. If you are suffering from gum disease or low bone density in your jaw, these problems can be corrected with oral surgery. Dr. Maloley will discuss teeth implants or different tooth replacement options at your consultation.

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