Oral Surgery

When serious oral health issues require a surgical solution, Dr. Maloley and his staff at Vail Valley Dental Care can provide quality oral surgery with the same care and compassion we incorporate into all our dental services. Call our dental office at 970-329-4585 for your oral surgery Avon, CO area appointment.

Bone Grafting
Sometimes tooth replacement with dental implants is not a viable solution because of bone loss in the jaw. Deterioration of the jawbone is an unfortunate side effect of tooth loss, and while dental implants are an excellent form of tooth replacement, the implant has to have enough bone to be placed in and bond to.

If you are suffering from low jawbone density but would like the stability dental implants offer, there is a solution for you. At Vail Valley Dental Care, we offer bone grafting surgery to rebuild the bone density in your jaw so that you have enough to anchor implants.

This process involves surgically pulling back gum tissue so that donor bone can be used to bond with and fortify your existing bone structure.

Tooth Removal
If a tooth becomes injured or decayed to the point that it cannot be saved with a root canal or dental crown, the extraction may be the only option left to protect the health of your mouth and teeth. If an unhealthy tooth is not removed, it can spread infection and bacteria throughout your body, creating any number of systemic health issues.

The experts at Vail Valley Dental Care can remove your teeth in a stress-free and virtually painless manner. And as you recover, you can be deciding on what type of tooth replacement is best for you.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems for your oral health, especially if they become impacted. This leads to pain and discomfort and overcrowding of your teeth. Not to mention that wisdom teeth are so far back in your mouth, they are very difficult to keep clean and free of plaque. In other words, wisdom teeth can increase your risk of tooth decay.

Root Canals
A tooth that has become so severely decayed that the soft pulp at the center is infected can still be saved with a root canal from Vail Valley Dental Care. For this dental procedure, we will remove the infected material from the center of your tooth. We will then treat the remaining tooth with antibacterials to ensure the infection does not return or spread. The hollowed root canals will be filled with a bacteria-resistant resin to further protect the health of your tooth. The top of your tooth will be replaced with a dental crown to restore full function to the once weakened tooth.

Dental Implants
The problem with most tooth replacements is that they replace only the third of your tooth visible above the gumline, but a full two-thirds of your tooth is the root inside your gums and jawbone. Without replacing your root, dental crowns and dentures alone are not the most stable form of tooth replacement. Dental implants are surgically placed into your jaw, where they will bond with your natural bone to create a new root. These implants can be used to support a single dental crown, a fixed dental bridge, and even a full set of dentures.

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