Relieving Dental Anxiety

The value of a healthy and beautiful set of teeth is incalculable when it comes to protecting your oral health and overall well-being. And skipping dental visits at Vail Valley Dental Care is one of the worst things you can do for your health. Unfortunately, many people procrastinate and outright avoid dental visits because they suffer from dental anxiety. Dr. Maloley offer dental sedation to help patients relieve dental anxiety. Call our dental office at 970-329-4585 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Maloley and his staff are aware of just how common dental anxiety is, so we make every effort to ensure your time at our office in Avon, CO is pleasant, relaxing, and rewarding.

Oral Sedation in Eagle County
Fear of the dentist drives many people to postpone checkups and appointments. This can lead to lost teeth and more expensive dental work later (not to mention more complicated procedures). If you’ve always been afraid of the dentist, Dr. Maloley has great news for you. Now you can get treated in complete comfort with oral sedation at Vail Valley Dental Care.

What is Oral Sedation?
Sedation is the use of relaxation techniques and drugs to help patients relax during their appointment. Dental sedation can be given by mouth (oral sedation), inhaled through a mask (nitrous oxide sedation), or injected into a vein (IV sedation). Anything can be performed under sedation, from teeth cleaning to dental implant surgery.

Some patients feel that nitrous oxide is not enough to quell their fear, so they choose to take a sedative pill. Patients like that there are no needles involved, and it’s easy: just take a pill before the appointment, and feel calm and relaxed. You may feel a bit sleepy and groggy, and your limbs may feel heavy while sedation is in effect during different dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, periodontal disease treatment, and smile makeovers. You are conscious throughout the procedure, however. If you fall asleep, you can easily be awakened. Time seems to pass quickly under sedation; after the procedure, you will remember very little or nothing at all about what had happened.

Is Sedation Right for You?
Like any drug, sedative pills have different effects on people. Your Avon sedation dentist will determine the right type and amount of sedative that will make you comfortable but still enable you to retain a level of consciousness. Your medical history and current medications taken will also be considered.

Ask Dr. Maloley about sedation if you:

  • Have chronic dental anxiety and fear
  • Are delaying treatment
  • Want a speedy, comfortable procedure
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Are afraid of needles

Relaxing Office Atmosphere
At Vail Valley Dental Care, we rely on more than oral sedation dentistry to keep you calm and comfortable. Our office is designed to promote relaxation and to help you manage any anxiety you may be feeling. Our private operatories are equipped with TVs and noise-canceling headphones to help take your mind off the dental procedure that could be making you nervous. We will also provide you with blankets to make sure you are comfortable. When you leave our office, you will do so knowing you have received compassionate, high-quality oral health care.

Compassionate Staff
Our staff is very understanding when it comes to dealing with dental anxiety. In fact, many of us have experienced it ourselves at some point. We understand how intimidating receiving dental care can be, so we make it our mission to put you at ease with friendly and compassionate service. We are here to make you feel welcome and at ease from the moment you walk through our door to when you leave with a happy smile on your face.

Schedule Your Appointment
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